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13. Rondo: Allegretto1:43
21. Allegro2:58
31. Allegro14:36
4Piano Concerto No. 27 In B Flat Major, K595
53. Allegro12:33
6Die Zufriedenheit ("Wie Sanft, Wie Ruhig"), K4733:10
71. Allegro10:52
83. Allegretto3:52
9Piano Concerto No. 6 In B Flat Major, K238
102. Adagio4:58
11Piano Concerto No. 21 In C Major, K467
12Sonata In C Minor, K457
13 Lieder, Masonic Cantata
14Die Kleine Spinnerin, K5311:46
15Piano Concerto No. 23 In A Major, K488
16Sonata In C Major, K330/300h
172. Andante Con Espressione5:46
181. Allegro9:52
192. Andante Cantabile5:54
20Sonata In B Flat Major, K333/315c
212. Andante8:09
223. Allegretto9:26
232. Andante6:40
24Der Frühling, K5973:51
252. Andante5:34
262. Andante Un Poco Sostenuto11:00
271. Allegro Vivace12:49
28Andante "Für Eine Walze In Eine Kleine Orgel" (For Mechanical Organ) In F Major, K6167:40
291. Allegro Aperto6:51
30"Komm, Liebe Zither", K3511:50
31Sonata In C Major, K521
322. Andante7:09
331. Allegro Con Spirito4:20
342. Andante6:37
353. Allegretto10:02
36Piano Concerto No. 15 In B Flat Major, K450
37Sonata In A Minor, K310/300d
383. Allegretto5:27
391. Allegro4:57
40Sonata In F Major, K332/300k
412. Adagio4:47
42Kleine Deutsche Kantate, K6197:36
43Sonata In B Flat Major, K281/189f
443. Allegretto6:59
453. Allegretto8:31
46Rondo In D Major, K4856:17
47Piano Concerto No. 11 In F Major, K413
483. Rondeau: Allegro di Molto6:54
491. Allegro3:55
50Sonata In E Minor, K304 (300c)
511. Adagio7:22
521. Allegro12:14
531. Allegro7:39
54Sonata In B Flat Major, K570
55Die Zufriedenheit ("Was frag ich viel"), K3492:02
562. Andantino6:43
571. Allegro Maestoso15:22
5812 Variations On "Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman", K265/300e14:04
593. Allegro Assai7:37
60Sonata In B Flat Major, K454
611. Allegro Assai4:28
622. [Andante]6:06
631. Allegro10:45
64Die Alte, K5172:38
651. Allegro5:00
66Piano Concerto No. 9 In E Flat Major, K271 "Jeunehomme"
67Rondo In A Minor, K5119:41
681. Allegro Vivace9:30
692. Andante Cantabile Con Espressione7:52
701. Allegro11:06
71Piano Quartet In G Minor, K478
Cello – Miklós PerényiFortepiano – András SchiffViola – Erich HöbarthViolin – Yuuko Shiokawa
72Piano Concerto No. 19 In F Major, K459
732. Andante7:35
743. Allegro Vivace Assai7:00
752. Andante Amoroso3:52
763. Allegretto8:59
772. Menuetto I - Menuetto II - Menuetto I4:40
783. Allegro3:10
793. Rondeau: Allegretto7:04
80Eine Kleine Gigue In G Major, K5741:37
812. Adagio5:40
821. Largo - Allegro Moderato10:25
83Concerto For 3 Pianos In F Major, K242
Orchestra – English Chamber OrchestraPiano – Daniel BarenboimPiano, Conductor – Sir Georg Solti
843. Presto2:52
851. Allegro13:38
86Sonata In E Flat Major, K282/189g
873. Rondeau. Presto10:07
881. Allegro11:43
891. Allegro4:30
903. Allegretto10:11
91Piano Concerto No. 26 In D Major, K537 "Coronation"
921. Allegro15:22
933. Allegro Assai6:59
94Piano Concerto No. 14 In E Flat Major, K449
953. Tempo de Menuetto5:47
963. Rondeau: Allegro6:29
973. Allegro Ma Non Troppo5:55
98Abendempfindung An Laura, K5235:34
993. Rondeau: Tempo de Menuetto5:42
1003. Presto4:01
101Sonata In C Major, K279/189d
1022. Larghetto5:31
1033. Theme And Variations: I-XII14:31
104Andante And 5 Variations In G Major, K5017:45
105Sonata In D Major, K311/284c
1061. Adagio - Allegro Di Molto9:02
1071. Allegro Moderato6:06
1082. Andante5:22
1092. Larghetto8:37
1102. Andante7:26
1111. Allegro10:25
112Piano Concerto No. 20 In D Minor, K466
113Menuett In D Major, K3552:27
1143. Presto2:56
115Sonata In G Major, K379 (373a)
1162. Andante5:04
1172. Tempo Di Menuetto5:16
1182. Andante4:04
1192. Allegretto7:57
1201. Allegro7:19
1213. Allegro3:08
1223. Rondo: Allegretto6:42
1232. Andante Cantabile6:50
1241. Allegro5:16
1251. Allegro Assai10:35
1261. Allegro8:23
127Die Betrogene Welt, K4743:14
1283. Allegretto6:18
1292. Andantino10:57
130Sonata In G Major, K283/189h
1311. Allegro4:23
132Piano Concerto No. 24 In C Minor, K491
133Piano Concerto No. 22 In E Flat Major, K482
134Lied Zur Gesellenreise, K4682:34
135Piano Concerto No. 5 In D Major, K175
136Adagio And Allegro In F Minor, K5949:38
137Piano Concerto No. 12 In A Major, K414
1383. Rondeau: Allegro4:21
139Als Luise Die Briefe, K5201:52
1402. Adagio7:51
1412. Andante7:45
1422. Romance8:51
143Die Zauberer, K4722:16
1443. Allegro Assai
145Piano Concerto No. 18 In B Flat Major, K456
1463. Allegro4:49
1473. Alla Turca: Allegretto3:29
148Lied Der Freiheit, K5062:21
149Sonata In F Major, K280/189e
1501. Allegro Con Spirito5:34
151Ariette, K3083:02
1523. Allegro8:58
1531. Adagio5:00
1543. Allegretto8:24
1553. Allegro Assai8:34
1562. Rondo En Polonaise: Andante4:09
1572. Larghetto7:42
1583. Rondeau: Allegretto Grazioso6:39
159An Chloe, K5242:45
1602. Menuetto6:15
1611. Molto Allegro7:30
1622. Andante5:50
1632. Adagio6:39
164Piano Quartet In E Flat Major, K493
Cello – Miklós PerényiFortepiano – András SchiffViola – Erich HöbarthViolin – Yuuko Shiokawa
1652. Andante7:55
166Quintet For Piano And Wind Instruments In E Flat Major, K452
Bassoon – Klaus ThunemannClarinet – Elmar SchmidHorn – Radovan VlatkovicOboe – Heinz Holliger
1671. Allegro6:32
1686 Variations In G Minor, K360 (374b) On 'Au Bord D'une Fontaine' (Hélas, J'ai Perdu Mon Amant)11:36
1692. Andante7:17
170Eine Kleine Gigue In G Major, K5741:39
1712. Andante Ma Un Poco Adagio7:49
172Rondo In A Minor, K51111:04
173Piano Concerto No. 17 In G Major, K453
1741. Allegro Aperto7:36
175Rondo In A Major, K386 (Edited By Charles Mackerras And Paul Badura-Skoda)8:17
176Ch'io Mi Scordi De Te... Non Temer, Amato Bene, K505
Conductor – György FischerMezzo-soprano Vocals – Cecilia BartoliOrchestra – Wiener Kammerorchester
1771. Allegro13:36
178Sonata In C Major, K545
1792. Larghetto7:59
180Piano Concerto No. 13 In C Major, K415
1812. Larghetto14:03
182Die Verschweigung, K5183:05
183Fantasie In C Minor, K47512:23
1842. Allegro1:29
185Ridente la Calma, K152
Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Cecilia Bartoli
1863. Allegro Assai7:43
187Piano Concerto No. 8 In C Major, K246
1883. Allegretto Grazioso6:54
1891. Allegro8:14
190Sonata In D Major, K284/205b
191Rondo In D Major, K38210:36
1922. Andante7:16
1933. Allegro7:48
1943. Allegro8:02
195Sonata In F Major, K497
196Das Traumbild, K5304:21
1972. Andante Un Poco Adagio5:49
1981. Allegro15:34
199Allegro And Andante (Fantasia) In F Minor, K6089:35
2001. Allegro14:45
201Sonata In C Major, K309/284b
2023. Rondeau: Allegro7:12
203Fantasia In C Minor K475
204Adagio For Glass Harmonica In C Major, K356/617a3:20
2053. Rondo1:42
2061. Largo - Allegro10:06
2072. Andante Un Poco Adagio6:23
2083. Allegretto4:21
2091. Allegro Maestoso13:49
2102. Adagio8:19
211Das Veilchen, K4762:32
2122. Andante9:39
2133. Allegro Vivace7:57
2141. Adagio - Allegro9:51
2153. Allegretto7:18
2163. Rodeau: Tempo di Menuetto7:41
2173. Rondeau: Allegro9:05
2181. Allegro9:09
2193. Andantino5:47
2201. Andante Grazioso13:46
221Piano Concerto No. 25 In C Major, K503
2221. Allegro8:26
2231. Allegro14:41
224Das Lied Der Trennung, K5196:17
225Sonata In D Major, K576
226Piano Concerto No. 16 In D Major, K451
2273. Rondo: Allegro7:58
2281. Allegro9:50
2291. Allegro10:22
23010 Variations On "Unser Dummer Pöbel Meint", K45514:25
231Adagio In B Minor, K54016:46
2321. Allegro Maestoso5:37
233 Piano Music For Four Hands
234Minuet In D Major, K355/576b2:40
235Andante Für Eine Waltze In Eine Kleine Orgel, K6166:48
236Sonata In F Major, K533
237"Ich Würd' Auf Meinem Pfad", K3902:40
238Sonata In A Major, K331/300i
2392. Tema con variazioni: Andantino cantabile9:32
2402. Larghetto8:14
2412. Andante11:05
242Sehnsucht Nach Dem Frühling, K5962:50
2432. Adagio7:55

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / András Schiff - András Schiff Plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart download
Performer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / András Schiff
Title: András Schiff Plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Category: Classical
Country: Europe
Released: 2015